Xiaomi often comes along and undercuts the likes of Samsung, offering a similar set of specs and design elements for a lower price. But usually, there’s a trade-off. Xiaomi’s MiUI isn’t known for its stability, and Samsung has spent years refining its now-excellent cameras. The latest phone, the Xiaomi 11T.

The Spiciest Indian Food In The World

At the upscale Indian restaurant Cinnamon Club in London, England, heat-loving masochists can take part in the Bombay Burner challenge, which is a lamb mince curry that has been known to make some people hallucinate.

It contains Carribean red peppers, chilies, habaneros, jalapeños, and so much more. You have to…

Paparazzi inception moment

It’s Leonardo DiCaprio, pretending to be paparazzi, in a photo, taken by paparazzi. It’s a regular photo inception. It’s a photo inside a photo. Leo and Jonah Hill were in Wolf on Wall Street together, and we are giddy over the idea that they got close enough…

Of course, “weird food” is a bit judgemental. Often we Westerners or Europeans simply don’t realize how tastes and food have changed over the years. What we consider weird food is very often the type of diet that the peasants or the rich would eat. It was all dependant on…

The Whitianga Festival of Speed

Held annually in New Zealand, this event involves helicopter racing, car racing, power boat racing, jet ski racing and parachute swooping. All of them reek of one thing (besides fuel), money.

Don’t Cut the Cactus

At least in Arizona, because it is illegal to do so. Offenders can be sentenced to 25-year long prison time. Ain’t no poking fun at this one.

No Shirtless Driving in Thailand

Driving a car shirtless is considered offensive in Thailand. …

With the advent of more and more technologies in the field and the constantly growing competition amongst the different brands and companies, it has become a need to come up with more and more up to date products and also with the best price for the users. …

Siberian Husky

This list could not begin without them. If any dog is associated with sleds, snow, and the cold, it’s certainly the Husky. It’s normal for this breed to be in very cold climates because these dogs come from Northern Asia. …

Smart TV’s have become a way of life. With the recent growing trends of almost turning our homes into smart homes, shifting from a normal TV to a smart TV is usually where people start the transition from and owing to the higher demand of smart TV’s, almost every other…

Alex Lee

A 16-year-old bag boy at a Dallas Target store, became known simply as “Alex From Target” after a customer snapped his picture and posted it on Twitter. Lee became an overnight Internet sensation and landed a one-on-one with Ellen DeGeneres.

Alex Minsky

Lucas Brown

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