World’s Expensive Meat!

The Ayam Cemani breed of chicken is definitely something to cluck about. Much like Ford’s Model T, this Ferrari-of-fowls comes in one color only a very sleek black. Due to hyperpigmentation, its meat, organs, and bones are black as night, as are the feathers, save for a green shimmer. The Indonesian bird is coveted in its homeland for the reported healing qualities of eating black meats.

Only one person breeds Ayam Cemanis in America, and he’s charging a stupefying $2,500 a pop, though prices are expected to drop once their population increases. In the meantime, when you consider that you can buy a dozen standard chicks for around $85, you’re bound to think long and hard before putting this mother clucker in the deep fryer.

Kobe Wagyu

Wagyu (which literally translates to “Japanese cow”) is renowned for its marbling, producing some of the richest cuts of steak known to man. Many of these beloved bovines feature regional names, but none is more famous than the high end Kobe beef, which is simply a cut above. Whether you’re eating strip, filet, or prime rib, this beef is raised to the highest standards before it reaches your lips.

Jamon Iberico

The popular tapas or charcuterie centerpiece Jamon Iberico, as its name suggests, hails from the Iberian peninsula or south side of Spain. The black Iberian pig are allowed to roam freely before being switched to a diet of grains and acorns. If more grain is used in the feed, the pig will take on a rich ham flavor akin to prosciutto. More acorns on the other hand, will give the meat a unique, nutty flavor that pairs excellently with soft cheeses.


This dish nearly claimed Homer Simpson’s life, and the cartoon did NOT exaggerate the danger apparent in eating these blowfish sashimi slices. Approximately 20 to 40 people die every year from eating the puffer fish, which contains high concentrations of neurotoxins. Chefs must take great care during preparation to avoid serving poisonous cuts of meat or contaminating the edible portions.