Why Joey was the best of all?

I am sure many of us have been binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S over the past years and especially now when we had to just stay at home. To be honest, F.R.I.E.N.D.S have become a daily dose of laughter and kind of a happy place for me all the more than what it was before. And this question often arises as to which one’s your favorite character. While I hate to choose any one over the rest, I still managed to do so.

Not surprising since it’s right there in the title, it’s Joey!

Joey has been my all time favorite and I can literally note down number of reasons explaining why.

One of the most important and the first reason would be how he reacted upon knowing about his dad’s affair. He stood up for his mother and that says a lot about a person.

He forgave Chandler after Chandler betrayed Joey by kissing his girlfriend. I mean I agree with Joey when he said “the line is a dot” for you. What Chandler did was WRONG and Joey still forgave him. And he saw how he loved Katie so he had no problem in letting him out of the box and go after Katie.

When he realized that Phoebe and even Rachel was pregnant (fake pregnant in case of Phoebe), he did not waste a moment before taking it upon himself.

He let go off his feelings for Ursula and chose his friendship with Phoebe over a relationship with her twin sister.

He always looked out for Chandler. No matter what.

When they went to London, Joey was the only one to call Phoebe and check on her since she couldn’t come as she was pregnant with the triplets. That says a lot about what kind of person Joey was.

The pregnant lady that he helped at the hospital. (Honestly, I was kinda hoping for them to get together by the end of the series.