Which one’s better; Echo Show 8 vs Echo Show 10?

Amazon has always been on a roll with bringing in new devices for the users to choose from. The company has been in the race to bring in more and more devices and have been upgrading those very devices over time. It is not just with a particular segment of devices but the company has ventured into various other segments of devices that bring in a shot of smart devices to our homes. These devices are not just impressive and practical but they also bring in a hint of sophistication and elegance to our smart homes.

We witnessed the launch of the Echo Show 8 and soon after that we saw the launch of the Echo Show 10. Although they are a part of the same smart speaker segment, both the devices have differences between them. The Echo Show 10 comes with a lot of changes and upgrades when compared to the Echo Show 8 and therefore, it does come as a powerful and much better device if you have to choose one between the two.

Echo Show 10 will rotate its tablet-size screen to follow your face during video calls or to give you a head-on view of whatever Netflix show you’re watching, even as you clean the kitchen. In fact, unless you switch off some of its motion settings, it’ll turn your way whenever it responds to any command, whether you’re asking for a playlist or the afternoon forecast. However, that’s not the only change that we can see. Although the latest Echo Show 10 utilizes the same 10.1-inch HD touch display as its predecessor, the device’s sound system got juiced considerably, giving the device crisper, better sound overall than its predecessor. Plus, that rotating display improves the Show 10’s security camera capabilities.

Amazon revealed the first-generation Echo Show three years later. The company did not just stop at bringing a display on a speaker and get its job done. Instead, the company came up with an entirely new class of products — the smart display. The device was designed from the ground up to give the users a quick access to security camera feeds and to add a visual element when responding to voice commands or inquiries, like a graphical weather forecast. Eventually, Amazon added quick-access controls for smart devices like outlets, light bulbs, thermostats and more, securing the gadget’s place at the center of the smart home.

After this comes the Amazon Echo Sow 10. Weighing in at 5.6 pounds and occupying a significant amount of real estate — especially if given the room to swivel freely through all 360-degrees of rotation. The Echo Show 10 brings in a good set of features that are not just upgraded ones but also new to give the users a lot more than what one would expect from a Echo smart speaker. If you’re a fan of either the free Alexa Guard or the paid Alexa Guard Plus service, the Echo Show 10 does function a little better than its brethren as a security camera. For one, you can remotely view its video feed with the added benefit of being able to pan around the room. Plus, it’s the only Echo Show device that the Alexa app recognizes as a security camera.

The new Show 10, however, boasts a pair of 1-inch tweeters, with a louder, thumpier 3-inch woofer filling in the low-end. In our testing, we found that the speakers sounded crisp, clear and free from distortion which comes as a modest improvement on the Echo Show 8’s mids-heavy sonic output even as the volume became unbearably loud at 100%.

Coming to the price of both the devices, the Echo Show 10 is priced at $250, And while the Echo Show 8’s sticker price of $130 is nothing to sneeze at, in the 16 or so months that device has been on sale, we’ve seen prices plunge as low as $65 and regularly hover around the $100 mark which does make it much more affordable than the former. At the end, it all comes down to personal preference and budget.