Unique coffee shops around the globe!

Coffee is a most liked beverage. Most of the people I know start their day with a cup of nice coffee, be it summer, winter or spring, coffee is a necessity more than a want, to be honest. I fall in the same category. I wouldn’t lie but I, myself have thought of opening up a coffee shop someday. Actually this is a recurring thought that comes to me every morning I think.

Coffee is a beverage that is full of experience of various kinds. Sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a good ‘ol cup of coffee is full of different feelings and if I am not wrong, everyone has a favorite coffee shop of their own. Be it just around the block, a different city, state or even country for that matter. I know I do. The aesthetics of a coffee shop is mostly what plays a huge role.

Let’s take a look around two of my favorite coffee shops that I intend on visiting someday and I might just never come back, if I ever do manage to go.

First stop would be a coffee shop in China. The café is called as a “green oasis in the midst of a polluted city” And if you take a single look into the design and environment of this place, I am sure you too would agree with that above-mentioned statement.

Next is the Origo Coffee Shop in Bucharest, Romania.

This place brings out the perfect coffee drinking experience. As mentioned by the architect, the main goal of the design of this place was to “create a place that will allow coffee to be the star” and it successfully does so.

Do you have a favorite coffee place? Let me know.


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