The Woman King

“The Woman King” is an approaching action-drama directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. Prince-Bythewood co-wrote the script with Dana Stevens based on a storyline from Maria Bello (A History of Violence). The movie will star Oscar-winner Viola Davis (Fences) in a part we have never before witnessed her in, this film is going to be based on the epic and real story of the Dahomey Amazons and their struggle for survival.

Further, talking about the film, it was pitched by Bello to Davis in front of a live audience in the year 2015 while the event of Women Making History Awards at the Los Angeles National Women’s History Museum.
Currently, Maria Bello and Viola Davis are co-producers for the concluded product. Spread by Sony Pictures, The Woman King is supposed to be released in September 2022.
Because this is a historical epic based on true events, some context is necessary to better understand the depth behind the plot of The Woman King.

Set in the time of late 1800s, in the West African of Dahomey, a fierce, all-female martial regiment called the Agojie, has to resist for the lives and independence of their kingdom when encountered some aggressors. These females were assigned the name “Dahomey Amazons” by chroniclers because they resembled the Amazons of myth. Because of the increased mortality rate of men, due to constant warring with other West African states and the slave trade, women were conscripted into the military, finally taking it over entirely.

General Nanisca (Davis) is confronted with a hazard to the Kingdom of Dahomey when European powers form to invade. The epic battle she wages on them is founded on the Franco-Dahomeyan war. This movie is going to depend on this storyline, as per media.
So, are you excited about it?

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