The Alibaba Tmall Genie Queen- Not just a mirror, not just a speaker!

There are a few things around us that we wouldn’t forget about at any cost and I have a feeling this particular product is one of them. The name in itself is pretty fascinating and I am sure it is definitely something that we never knew we wanted but right after having read about it, I feel like it is something I wouldn’t mind having. It is a pretty cool product if you ask me. I haven’t really come across a product with such a name. It kind of reminded me of Aladdin when I first read the name which would definitely sound kiddush to a few people here but that’s the first thought that popped in my mind as soon as I read the name, therefore, I am proudly going with it. Thanks to the Genie there.

Anyways, so I came across this product and I was just curious if this is like a popular product and it’s only me amongst a few others I am sure who isn’t aware that such a thing existed. I have seen a bunch of smart speakers but I never knew of this one. And honestly when I first read the name, I thought it was some kind of a mirror or something for some reason but upon some more digging I found out that this indeed is a mirror as well. It is a smart makeup mirror with voice powered features. How cool is that? I don’t know how I managed to relate it to a mirror. So naturally, like I always do, I went on to check the features of the speakers and it is quite fascinating I think. A mirror embedded with a smart speaker. Now if given a chance and an opportunity, who wouldn’t want to own such a cool thing?

As China continues its consumption upgrade, more and more people from different age groups and geographic locations are willing to spend on high-quality beauty products and Alibaba taking advantage of this never ending and rapidly rising demand for products like these came up with the Tmall Genie Queen Mirror Speaker.

The TmallGenie Queen is a unique smart speaker that couples to an 8-inch smart mirror and dynamic LED lighting, which, through Alibaba’s AliGenie voice assistant, can change hue to simulate or match different environments. And I don’t know what others call this speaker, I am calling it the Queen. It sounds better that way in my opinion.

So apparently, Queen can reply with beauty tips, plus weather, news and more in this unique smart home device. Kind of like an Echo Dot device I think. It is powered by a Mediatek chipset which is a pretty good choice to ensure an uninterrupted performance at all times. The durability of the product is well assured with this chosen processor as the support platform at its core. It would be wrong to view this as a simple mirror or a simple speaker because it is evidently a lot more than that and has a lot more to offer than that. The features and the specs are pretty much integrated with the viewpoint of wanting to offer a lot more and making this product a practical as well as a product that actually makes sense. It does cater largely to a particular set of customers but to be honest, I feel like it can be used by any one and everyone.

The mirror will make skin assessment and suggest the brands’ product based on consumers’ skin condition — serving a good sales gimmick to up sell products. A lot of these can and I think are already being used by mainly make up artists or parlors and places along those lines. Shoppers can also adjust the mirror’s brightness to recreate the effect of the dimly lit party environments or natural sunlight for various makeup looks. This will definitely be helpful. I can see how this can be used for various purposes and by many around us.




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