Strangest Services that are offered!

Flirt with your boyfriend or husband to see if they are committed

“I will flirt or hit on your boyfriend, husband, (or girlfriend) to see if they are committed and faithful. If you suspect something, find out the truth. This way you don’t have to spend heaps hiring a PI or snooping around.”

Write messages on lips and take photos

“I am a lip model with very desirable lips :) Maximum of 2 words: one on top, one on bottom. I will write your message on my lips then take pictures! I guarantee my text will be legible and clearer than my competitors! Writing is in Black. Thank you. PS: Lip ring is optional!”

Say anything as Harry Potter

“Do you like Harry Potter? Well now, the boy wizard will say absolutely anything for up to 30 seconds for $5! It’s that simple! This British wizard has no problem saying anything rude or outrageous, it’s all just magical to him! SO ORDER NOW! :D “

Put a curse on someone

“You hate your boss? Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you? Some idiot stole something from you? Put a curse on them! Best anger management ever! Plus it really works, so what are you waiting for?”

Let you watch my friend slap me

“I will allow my friend to slap me. You choose how hard the slap will be from a scale of 1–10 and then he will slap me.”

Post videos of my piranhas tearing apart anything you ask for

“I have 3 pirahnas that will eat anything that you put in their tank. For 5$, you can tell me what you want me to give them and I’ll do it.”

Promote your product, service, event, or announcement as a preacher

“Let me make a one minute long video for you that will announce your event, store, product, etc, in a fun way….as a Televangelist/Preacher. I draw out the words as a preacher, so as to give that famous diction we all love to hate. Nothing irreverent is produced, please. I can refuse any assignment. I will wear a white dress shirt with a dark coat that looks professional.”