Realme Smart TV 4K — What Do You Think?

With the advent of more and more technologies in the field and the constantly growing competition amongst the different brands and companies, it has become a need to come up with more and more up to date products and also with the best price for the users. And following the same, Realme has upgraded the display resolution of the 43-inch model from HD to ultra HD and made a couple of changes based on customer feedback to previous models.

The first thing that one would notice when looking at the TV; The TV is very light and hence very easy to deploy. The plastic base stands feel sturdy enough and are easy to mount using the supplied screws. Realme notes that the position of the stand has been brought inwards to ensure it doesn’t jut out of the TV’s dimensions. What all these mean is that the TV doesn’t take up a huge space and most of you shouldn’t have a problem finding room for it in your home setup.

Design-wise, this Realme TV remote deserves praise. First of all, for how light and cozy it is to hold. Its broad-to-narrow shape is ergonomic. And although it isn’t riddled with buttons you may or may not know the function of, the necessary ones are here at your fingertip. Next to the shush button, there is the power button, force-pressing which lets you shut down the TV and a simple tap puts the TV on standby. In between these two buttons lie the microphone hole, which lets you shoot commands at Google. At its core, the TV comes with a Mediatek chipset that takes care of the overall performance.

This means even if the remote doesn’t solve the poor typing experience on Android TV, gladly you can voice out your requirement to Google Assistant. There is a button for the latter between the volume toggles. The remote works over IR as well as Bluetooth. When paired over Bluetooth, you don’t have to point it in any particular direction.

Rest, you get hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video, a navigation ring, a back button, a home button, a quick settings menu button, and an input source key on the remote. The rear side of the TV feels flimsy but the company claims the Smart TV 4K has passed a range of national and international quality tests. Plus, it is covered under a one-year warranty and an additional year screen warranty too.

This Realme Smart TV checks almost all the table stakes of audiovisual experience that you would expect out of its price. You get 4K resolution, a 10-bit panel (1.07 billion colors) with HDR formats like Dolby Vision, up to 83% NTSC, and 90% DCI-P3 color accuracy. The petite bezels on the 43″ screen also contributed to a large screen-to-body ratio of 97.2-percent. The viewing angles were fine too by virtue of up to 178° field of view. Realme Smart TV 4K is equipped with a 4-unit 24W speaker setup backed by Dolby Atmos and DTS HD. These are divided into two sets each consisting of a full-range speaker and a tweeter. The stated coverage is 183.3x46.8x45.2mm with a frequency ranging between 148Hz to 20,000Hz. The average bass response is the only quibble I have with sound delivery. Still, for some depth, use Music mode, preferably while you play Spotify and other audio platforms.

The 43-inch model of Realme Smart TV 4K brings you a delightful visual experience with Dolby Vision enhancement. The sleekness of the design makes it look modern while its size should fit in most table arrangements. For me, the only irking quirk about the panel is its reflectiveness. Meanwhile, on the audio front, the Dolby Atmos and DTS HD handle the job rather well, save for the muddy bass and discernibly low volume in certain content.

When it comes to smartness, the option to start major OTT platforms and Google Assistant right from the remote or just with your voice is nifty. The remote is in fact one of the best things about this TV — both for its accessibility and functionality. The presence of far-field mics makes things even more convenient and cool.

All in all, the Realme Smart TV 4K is very much on par with expectations.