Odd Jobs That Surprisingly Pay Well

Lucas Brown
3 min readAug 5, 2021


Color Expert

National average salary: $17.71-$30.34 per hour

Primary duties: A color expert is a job where you use color psychology, trends, statistics and theory to suggest the best colors for homes, company buildings, brand logos and more. In this job, you would be developing layouts and producing designs, usually for a brand, a house, an office, or a whole building. You do not need a college degree for this job, but it does require training. It is also helpful to be creative and innovative when pursuing this career.

Online Dating Ghostwriter

National average salary: $23.85 per hour

Primary duties: An online dating ghostwriter writes profiles for people on dating websites. This is a great job if you have the writing skills to create witty dating profiles. You can do this job as a freelancer from anywhere in the world by looking for clients yourself, or you can work directly with popular dating sites.

Bingo Manager

National average salary: $53,185 per year

Primary duties: A bingo manager’s job is to manage everything in a casino. This job does not require a college degree, but you do need at least five years of experience in a similar managerial position. Among the list of duties of a bingo manager, you would need to comply with federal and state gaming regulations, handle customer complaints, approve jackpots and oversee payouts. You would also be responsible for the casino staff and budgets.


National average salary: $17.05-$34.96 per hour

Primary duties: As a flavorist, you would be creating natural and artificial flavors. You must have extensive knowledge of essential oils, botanical extracts, flavor aromas and essences to be able to recreate flavors from nature. In this job, you will also have to come up with irresistible new flavors that people will love. This job requires a Ph.D. in chemistry or biochemistry. Moreover, as a flavorist, you would need extensive experience as an apprentice with flavor companies.

Master Marijuana Extractor

National average salary: $50,135-$84,465 per year

Primary duties: A master marijuana extractor is a position where you process marijuana to produce edibles, oils, concentrates and other marijuana products. You do need a degree in a related field to acquire this job, but once you have one, you can start earning a considerable sum of money right out of college.