Newly Launched: MediaTek Genio 1200 Processor

The brand MediaTek has launched its new Genio 1200 processor. This processor is designed particularly for AIoT products. The company has a great presence in the processor business, with 95% of Smart TVs and up to 40% of smartphones globally powered by its SoC.

With MediaTek’s foray into the AIoT, we may see many powerful home devices such as doorbells, security cameras, and more with its latest launched Genio 1200 chipset. The Genio series of processors, involving the Genio 130, Genio 350, and also the Genio 500, have been obtainable for a while, although they were focused on low-power appliances. The Genio 1200, which we are talking about, sustains 4K monitors, features 4.8 TOPs AI acceleration, and is very power-efficient.

MediaTek’s Genio processors provide rapid multicore performance with very much power efficiency. The GPU, CPU, and (APU) AI Processing Unit in every Genio processor work collectively and support high-quality screen displays, cameras and more. In addition, every chipset will give support for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols to provide seamless connectivity.

Discussing particularly the Genio 1200 processor, this Genio 1200 is surely for some premium AIoT applications that are built for the new multimedia standards and 4K screen displays, 4.8 TOPs AI accelerator, and provides great power efficiency.

Further, the new Genio 1200 processor which actually is a 6nm-class chip is highly integrated, and sustains various high-speed interfaces, like USB 3.1, PCI-Express, and GbE MAC, and it also sustains MediaTek Wi-Fi 6E and sub-6 5G modules to satisfy a broad range of connectivity requirements.

With an octa-core CPU, 5-core graphics, double-core AI chip and advanced multimedia engines, the Genio 1200 are made for upgraded smart home appliances, industrial IoT applications and many other demanding AI-embedded appliances and devices. The Genio 1200 by MediaTek can furthermore receive and process ultra-high-definition screen display and camera from a range of (CV) computer vision applications, the brand said. Also, there is news that this Genio 1200 will be commercially available later this year.




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