MediaTek Dimensity 930: New To Market

MediaTek has introduced the new MediaTek Dimensity 930, Dimensity 1050, and Helio G99, which will power the upcoming mid-range smartphones. The brand MediaTek has gained an important rise with the Dimensity 9000, and it continues to make new processors without slowing the performance down. The Dimensity series processors it introduced to supply a significant amount of advantages over its competitors in terms of performance, execution, efficiency and camera.

Here we are going to discuss the Dimensity 930 processor by MediaTek. Let us dig into it!

The Dimensity 930 by MediaTek is particularly made to get every detail with its exceptional Imagiq camera techs, great MiraVision video processing, and also HyperEngine gaming advancements. Also, with advanced 5G incorporated into the 6nm processor, it lets the users download faster and go further, all with exceptional power efficiency.

Let us discuss some pointers here!

  • The Dimensity 930 by MediaTek sustains True Dual 5G SIM (5G SA + 5G SA) providing users constant 5G speeds, and the possibility for VoNR to give the best quality voice and video call from both SIM connections.
  • This MediaTek Dimensity 930 comprises noise reduction engines for pictures (MFNR) and video (3DNR) capture, it ensures low-light capture is going to be clear and captivating. Integrated with the DSDN 3.0, video capture is so clearer and sharper in low light, and with low power consumption.

There are so much to it! The smartphones are soon going to come with this MediaTek processor. Are you going to give them a try?



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