Let It Snow For Those Snow Dog Breeds!

Siberian Husky

This list could not begin without them. If any dog is associated with sleds, snow, and the cold, it’s certainly the Husky. It’s normal for this breed to be in very cold climates because these dogs come from Northern Asia. For many years this dog has been used to pull sleds.


Looks like a Husky doesn’t it? Well, this is the Husky’s “cousin“, and it originates from the Arctic, which is the coldest place on Earth. For decades, this breed too has trained as a search and rescue dog and sled dog in cold and remote places. Without a doubt, after the Husky, the Alaskan Malamute deserves to take second place on this list of snow dogs.

Norwegian Elkhound

As its name suggests, this breed comes from Scandinavia, it has been and still is used as a hunting dog in cold climates. In fact, the region in which it lives is one of the coldest in the world. Plus, this dog is great at withstanding the snow and therefore deserves to be on this list.


The “Smiling Samoyed” as people call this dog with thick white fur that resembles a stuffed animal, is also one of the most famous snow dogs in the world.

Greenland Dog

This dog is considered one of the oldest breeds in the world. In fact, for years the Eskimos kept it as a pet, as archaeological finds have demonstrated. Even today, the majority of these dogs live in Greenland — which is where this dog originated from — and don’t react well to high temperatures.


This might be one of the strangest snow dogs because of its shortage of hair. It’s a short-haired dog with blotchy skin which is known to be a cross between a pointer and an Alaskan Husky. It seems like the genes of the latter are the most dominant, because despite how it looks, its resistance to snow is obvious. This breed is perfect for cold places.



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