Largest Pizzas ever made!

1) Ottavia

This gluten-free monstrosity was created by Nardi in Rome along with two other lead chefs and a team of dozens of assistants in the margherita style. The pizza is 131 feet in diameter. Of course, no oven exists large enough to bake the pie in one go, so they had to bake the dough in over 5,000 separate batches.

2) Norwood Hypermarket Pizza

Size: 122 ft diameter
Chef: Norwood chef team
Where: South Africa
When: 1990

Like other pizzas on this list, the pizza created by a team at the Norwood Pick n’ Pay Hypermarket in Johannesburg was a marketing ploy. However, it was marketing in service of a good cause, as the proceeds from the sales of the thousands of slices from this pizza went to charitable organizations in South Africa. Most of the proceeds went to St. Mark’s College, a high school in a Black township in South Africa. The municipal government of Johannesburg was in on the act. The mayor cut the first slice. No word if he actually ate one.

3) Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza

Size: 10,000 ft²
Chef: Lorenzo Amato
Where: Florida, USA
When: 1987

Lorenzo Amato seemed dead set on setting a world record for creating the largest pizza ever. Twice he succeeded, and twice someone else bettered him. Still, his 1987 effort is recognized as one of the largest pizzas ever built. From his restaurant in Tallahassee, FL, he built what was at the time the world’s largest oven to build the record-setting pizza.



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