Hilarious Celebrity and Paparazzi Interactions!

Lucas Brown
2 min readSep 30, 2021

Paparazzi inception moment

It’s Leonardo DiCaprio, pretending to be paparazzi, in a photo, taken by paparazzi. It’s a regular photo inception. It’s a photo inside a photo. Leo and Jonah Hill were in Wolf on Wall Street together, and we are giddy over the idea that they got close enough that they are willing to mess with each other on the streets, not just on set. Jonah Hill looks like he’s wishing he took lessons from Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, the way he looks a little freaked out at this person rushing him for a picture. He did laugh when he found out who it was.

Dax Shepard and wife making face

This couple always makes us laugh at their love language of competition, and this picture shows off their goofiness. We can only assume that the kiss cam had gotten them, considering how big of a smile the guy has that is sitting in front of them. Not to mention that while Dax’s eyes are closed, focused on the kill, Kristen is looking up as if watching herself on the jumbo-tron.

Jim Carrey is the king of dealing with paparazzi

Jim Carrey has made a name for himself by being a Hollywood class goofball, but there is some genius behind his carefree, joking manner. This picture with the bathing suits is a perfect example. This can almost become a perfect case of “who wore it better”, because Carrey confidently wears it like he and Jenny McCarthy always traded clothing when they dated.

Jennifer Lawrence not giving a care

This is an old, but good photo of Jennifer Lawrence just being her normal, weird, awesome self. She established a don’t care attitude towards media and what’s considered appropriate long ago. Her cringe-worthy part-hilarious persona makes people either love her or hate her, and we choose to love this photo. Because anyone who willingly chooses to look like a walrus who needs to go see the vet dentist, is someone we all should be friends with.

Daniel Radcliffe’s genius work around

This is an amazing idea. It’s hilariously funny — as long as you aren’t the paparazzi waiting in England rain documenting the six months. This type of planning takes forethought, and the willingness to remember the exact same jacket and hat. We wonder if he had to hide his other attire to make sure he didn’t accidentally wear a blue jacket four months in, ruining his plan. He would be the person at the party refusing to remove his jacket, for fear of forgetting it and losing it.