Go Wireless with the Realme Buds Air Neo

In the recent past we have had some changes in terms of the design where we now have an increasing number of smartphone manufacturers doing away with the jack which has in turn led to users switching to wireless earbuds. Taking advantage of this increasing demand for wireless earbuds there are many brands and companies who have launched their own product in this segment and one of them being Realme. At this point there are new smartphones releasing left and right, and with almost every smartphone missing on the jack which we were very conveniently used to up till a few years, have now compelled people to switch from it to a different alternative, and that alternative being going wireless. It is now more of a need or a necessity than a want or a luxury.

One of such products that have been launched by taking advantage of the increasing demand for these wireless buds is the Realme Buds Air Neo. The Realme Buds Air Neo shares some similarities with the affordable version of the Realme Buds Air which came around last year, if I am not wrong. One cannot deny the fact that these wireless earbuds are undoubtedly inspired by the likes of Apple and their AirPods and Realme actually happens to be one of those very few brands who have accepted and acknowledged that their design and the thought of launching something like this is indeed inspired by Apple.

In terms of the design, the Realme Buds Air Neo offers a stem design which makes it easier to work with it for prolonged hours and each of them weighs pretty less and are very light therefore, they don’t seem like an uneasy piece of device to use for long hours. S no physical button on these earbuds just like the AirPods don’t. However they do have gesture support for quicker actions making it easier to work for the user to work with them. A double tap answers the call and a triple tap skips to the next song. The performance of these buds is very smooth and works without any lag. And we have a MediaTek chipset to thank for that. On another note, one thing that I have realized is the fact that such devices portray the kind of compatibility aspect of MediaTek chipsets. The overall design and the performance of the earbuds us certainly very popular and I would totally vouch for it.

The Realme Buds Air Neo comes also comes with a 13mm driver. It offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a feature that’s called the Super Latency Mode. To activate this mode, one has to do a long press on both the buds together. This mode is very useful when it comes to users wanting an absolute sync between the video and the audio in order to fix if and when there is some kind of lag in the visual and the audio output of whatever is it that they are watching or listening to.

The entire audio experience is also something that I would vouch for. The Realme Buds are very well capable of producing reasonably good sound output. The audio is crystal clear. Coming to one of the other important aspects of the Realme Buds Air Neo; the battery. Now with one time of full charge, this device can give you up to almost 4 hours with no lag in the performance and only shuts down when its out of charge. It does not start lagging once it close to shutting down. This is something I have witnessed in other wireless buds so just wanted to put it out there to make it clear. And with the charging case that it comes with, one will get approximately 15 hours of total life, which is a little less than a day but its more than enough to cover a person working or even during their leisure hours. With the Realme Buds Air Neo, one gets a micro-USB-port to charge the buds.

Overall, I would say the Realme Buds Air Neo are pretty affordable and absolutely worth the price.



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