Genio 1200: A New Performer

I think you guys are aware that MediaTek has launched its Genio 1200 processor. This processor has been launched with various upgraded and powerful features. We can say that MediaTek Genio is a full platform stack for AIoT appliances and devices with powerful and high-performance chipsets, open platform (SDKs) software development kits, and an included portal with Comprehensive tools and resources for developers.

Talking about the Genio series, the Genio series of processors, including the Genio 130, Genio 350, and Genio 500, have been available, although they were mostly focused on low-power devices. The Genio 1200, on the other hand, sustains 4K monitors, has 4.8 TOPs AI acceleration and is really power-efficient.

Looking at its cores, the MediTek Genio 1200 is made on the 6nm process and has an octa-core CPU, 5 GPU cores, and twin AI chips. It will also sustain a number of interfaces, involving USB 3.1, PCI-Express, and GbE MAC, also MediaTek’s WiFi 6E and sub-6 5G modules.

Jerry Yu, MediaTek’s Corporate Senior Vice President and also the General Manager of Computing, Connectivity and Metaverse Business Group stated that “Today MediaTek powers the popular AIoT devices on the market. As the industry enters the next era of innovation, MediaTek’sGenio platform delivers flexibility, scalability, and development support brands need to cater to the latest market demand. We look forward to seeing the new user experiences brands bring to life with the Genio 1200and its powerful AI capability, support for 4K displays and advanced imaging features.”

I would also like to mention that the Genio 1200 empowers the edge with various in-chip chips and really capable multitasking performance in the new Open Linux. It is really ideal for extremely demanding edge-weighted applications like advanced smart home devices, interactive 4K audio-visual, industrial IoT, and some other demanding use-cases that need heavy IO, and great embedded processing.

The Genio 1200 processor is expected to be commercially accessible soon!



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