Fascinating jobs that you didn’t know existed!

When we talk of jobs, one usually assumes we are talking about the basic and usual 9 to 5 jobs where life tends to become monotonous and at times boring. Where you end up living the same day over and over again and always wonder if there were jobs like sleeping or just sitting or just eating. Well, I have. Quite a few times actually.

Here is a list of jobs that we never knew existed but I am sure once you know about it, you’d want that job for yourself and wonder about the kind of exciting lives one must live with jobs like these.

Video Gamer

As kids, we always did play video games and over the years many of us over came the “phase” however some of us still enjoy it. When your parents told you that video games won’t take you anywhere, they may have been wrong. If you’re good enough, you might be able to play for a professional e-sports team and make $50,000 or more in the process! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Crossword Puzzle Writer

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing this. I mean imagine someone asking you what you do for a living, and your answer is I am a crossword Puzzle writer. That alone is a fascinating thought for me. people who write those puzzles can make up to $70K a year. If you can get the puzzles done quickly, and utilize a varied enough vocabulary, the job could be yours!

Ice Cream Taster

You’d like to be paid $60,000 a year to taste ice cream, wouldn’t you? It won’t be easy to achieve (as it requires a degree in food science), but doesn’t unlimited ice cream sound lovely? How about that?

Food Stylist

Have you ever wondered why the food you see in magazines and print ads looks so good? You can thank the food stylist, and if you’re interested enough, perhaps become one! If you’re qualified, this job pays well, possibly as much as $77,000 a year!

If given a chance, which job would you want to apply for?

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