Amazon Echo Show 10- Pricey but worth it!

With the change in time and changes in the trends, it has almost become a necessity to rely on smart gadgets and make our homes into smart homes. While it has a few disadvantages to it for instance over dependence of humans on technology and things like those but at the same time it also has a larger list of pros. It definitely saves a lot of time as well as effort on our side. Now starting from our smartphones, to home fixtures, speakers and even our cars for that matter have turned themselves smart and it is only a matter of time that we ought to make that switch and live up to the trend. Taking advantage of this ever-increasing need and demand of smart things especially when it comes to home appliances and gadget, there are many brands that have been launching more and more devices in this segment. And one of those brands would be Amazon.

Over time Amazon has been launching devices as additions to its Echo series. Not only have these been widely popular but they have managed to maintain a steady position in the markets. One such example of an Echo device would be the Amazon Echo Show 10. This would be Amazon’s sixth smart display and the priciest, the Echo Show 10 costs $250. It’s also the first smart display to boast a built-in motor and cameras that track you around the room to keep you in frame during chats or keep streaming media in your field of view. This is actually one of the best features of the Echo Show 10 in my opinion. Here many might obviously wonder about the aspect of privacy. One might feel like Alexa is creepily lurking around but when you aren’t using the device you can always completely shut it off. One can limit certain features that they do not wish to use.

The Echo Show 10 looks and feels like the front of a second-gen Echo Show perched atop a large smart speaker. The base portion is covered in the now nearly traditional smart speaker fabric, available in charcoal or glacier white. The Echo Show 10 is equipped with a 10.1-inch HD display, 13-megapixel front-facing camera, plus dual, front-firing tweeters and a woofer for all your audio needs. That 13-megapixel camera is a major upgrade from the 5-megapixel camera on the second-gen Echo Show or 1-megapixel camera of the Echo Show 8. Here it would be a good chance to point out as to why this gadget is priced the way it is. It sure enough brings in a bunch of upgrades compared to the previous models and that in itself is obviously cost us a little.

The obvious standout feature here is the Echo Show 10’s motorized base. This is the first smart display to use Amazon’s new AZ1 Neural Edge processor. The Echo Show 10 can turn a full 360 degrees, and it comes with a helpful paper guide so you can map out just how much free space you’ll need around the device. And this is a really cool addition to the Echo Show 10 device in my opinion. Not only does it make it practical, and it also eases on the feasibility aspect of the gadget. You can also restrict motion to “During Select Activities” like calling, watching videos or displaying recipes. With “During All Activities” selected, the Echo Show 10 will track you for music playback, asking questions and really any interaction with Alexa.

The device has an integrated MediaTek chipset which takes care of the overall performance aspect of the Show 10 and also raises the durability and efficient factor of the same. While it is the priciest smart display, it’s also the most capable one of the lots. It checks all the boxes we expect from a smart display and adds a new feature that’s highly incorporated into the Echo Show 10 experience making it one of the best Amazon deviceas and also worth every penny.



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