Amazon Echo Devices with MediaTek AZ1 Neural Edge

Lucas Brown
2 min readAug 19, 2022

Amazon has used the AZ1 Neural Edge chipset by Mediatek that will race up Alexa’s ability to answer our queries and controls by hundreds of milliseconds per reaction. The brand has built this module alongside the company MediaTek, and it will permit on-device neural speech recognition for new products.
This Mediatek chipset is fitted into the line products such as Echo smart speaker, Echo Dot Kids Edition, Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock, and Echo Show 10 smart display. The AZ1 will also be assembled into more creations in the Echo lineup going forward, as per Amazon.

Let me also mention that Amazon’s preexisting things with the AZ1 send both the audio and its connected interaction to the cloud to be processed and back. The Echo and Echo Show 10 can manage the audio on-device, thus restraining the amount of time it bears to provide users a response.
Talking specifically about the MediaTek MT8512 processor, it has been expressly created for high-end audio processing and voice assistant apps. The chipset has been developed in partnership with Amazon to incorporate the new Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge processor at the silicon level. The AZ1 Neural Edge processor can run strong inference machines on the device (at the edge) — beginning with an all-neural speech recognition standard that will process demands faster, assembling the Alexa experience even more responsive.

Further, this MT8512 is created employing an ultra-efficient 12nm process. It combines a favorably responsive 2GHz dual-core CPU, quick LPDDR4X memory, a broad multiplicity of peripheral connectivity committed to ultra-high-quality audio processing, plus Bluetooth 5.0 and the Wi-Fi 5 dual-band connectivity.
So, any thoughts about these devices by Amazon?