Adaptation of Persuasion

Classic romance novel “Persuasion” is the next Jane Austen adaption which is coming to the OTT platform, Netflix. The 1817 book, about Anne Elliot’s romantic choice between a one-time flame and a family-approved wedding, is being revived for 2022 with our favourite, Dakota Johnson in the lead role.

Persuasion will have a narrow release in specified cinemas before coming solely to Netflix this summer.

Austen fans and newcomers to period drama post-Bridgerton should all discover something to treasure in this romantic saga, which is being directed by Carrie Cracknell.

About The Novel: Persuasion was Austen’s final concluded novel and is generally regarded as 1 of her most significant and most satisfying works. It is the tale of Anne Elliot, who is influenced to give up her connection and engagement with Captain Frederick Wentworth because of his scarcity of fortune.

Later, when Wentworth comes back after 8 years and Anne is still unmarried, their complicated relationship is confused further by the appearance of a rich new suitor — remote relative William Elliot. Anne has to decide between placing the past behind her or attending to her heart when it comes to 2nd chances.

Dakota Johnson, Henry Golding, and Cosmo Jarvis will star in this definitive love triangle.

Talking about the release date, Persuasion will release in some selected cinemas nationwide on 8 July and be available on Netflix from 15 July.



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