A small sized device that has a lot to offer- Amazon Echo Flex

Lucas Brown
3 min readMar 19, 2021


The Amazon Echo Flex can truly be considered as one of the best and most compact devices that Amazon has come up with. It plugs directly into any sort of outlet and it comes with a fully featured Alexa. The speakers are purely functional, and you can hear Alexa clearly across the room or from one room to the other too to be honest, however you cannot expect it to work as a speaker. If you are planning on buying this as an alternative to a speaker, you’d be disappointed. The music sounds very small coming from its 0.6-inch speakers which wouldn’t be satisfying for a speaker. The Amazon Echo Flex supports USB port. And there is a twist to this. The USB port is for either a nightlight or a motion sensor attachment. These attachments or enhancements are not included in the main box and are available for purchase as separate attachments for $15 each.

It is cheap which is very clear with the $25 price tag and it sure is a good, cheaper step into transforming your home into a smart home if you are thinking of introducing/ widening the horizon for Alexa in your home. Alexa is one of the best added features of the gadget. Just a word away and ready with every single assistance that it can provide like upgrading your security, or switching on your lights whenever you need them, or even automating your lights at the same time.

Like I have mentioned before, the Amazon Echo Flex is definitely not a speaker. But if you are already bought into Amazon’s Echo-system, the Echo Flex is a good addition to a smart home. A cheaper and practical way of expanding Alexa’s reach into the less central areas of the house like the garage or the deck even. The Flex itself is super compact and plugs right into a standard outlet.

Along with the night sensor and the motion detector, the newest attachment, launching nearly a year after the Flex was announced, is the Smart Clock. It truly is a useful accessory in the kitchen. You add it to the bottom, and you’re done. As long as the Flex is up to date, it’s an easy way to check the time, monitor alarms and even set a timer. Everything is taken care of without any hassle from the user end. The entire working of the device is further taken care of by the integrated MediaTek chip at its core. This proves how wide is the compatibility aspect of MediaTek chips. You can ask Alexa to change the color, set it to turn off at a certain time and even change the brightness level. And it can get bright, so it’s quite handy for hallways or stairs.

As far as the size of the device is concerned, I have already mentioned that it is one of the most compact devices that Amazon has come up with. It sits at 2.8 inches tall without an attachment, placing it into the bottom of a two-spot outlet leaves the top outlet free for use.

So, the Flex can go anywhere and doesn’t require the normal wiring as other Echo devices. This is just a one-piece setup that still gives you access to Alexa. In terms of connecting the device, as with any other Alexa-enabled speaker, it connects to your home network via Wi-Fi, and setup is done in the companion Alexa app for Android and iOS.

I have been using this device for a while now and all I can think of is how to get one of these that would be waterproof so that I can get one in the bathroom as well. It definitely is helpful.