A new class of at-home gym equipment- NordicTrack Fusion CST

The NordicTrack Fusion CST comes revolutionizing what we know of at-home gym equipment. With the recent changes in our lifestyles, mainly owing to how we have been locked inside our homes for almost a year now and there has been minimum to no exercise at all. Taking advantage of this fact, many brands have come up with new or even promoting their already existing at-home gym equipment which believe it or not have certainly seen a rise in their sales. That’s where our NordicTrack at-home comes and shines, if I may add.

Talking about the Fusion CST equipment, it comes to successfully bridge the gap between cardio and strength training. Usually when one goes to a gym, we often see two or more different kind of machines for different kind of training and exercises which obviously comes seeking for more space and more expenses obviously. But the NordicTrack CST takes a different route here and brings everything together in one. The setup of this equipment can be used for our usual strength training exercises to any cardio ones too. Which, in my opinion is the most dominant feature of the equipment.

The Fusion CST is a first-in-category machine that allows you to perform low-impact strength training exercises combined with cardiovascular exercise, all in one model. The new NordicTrack Fusion CST also comes with a top-notch entertainment system and a 10-inch complementary NordicTrack tablet, which isn’t too much of a surprise given the innovation and price of this model. One of the other features that I think attracts many consumers towards this equipment is the iFit Coach Plus compatibility, with a subscription of course, along with the heart rate monitoring, and LifeCast classes, which gives further access to infinite number of workouts for the user to choose from. Along with this, the LiveCast classes are also custom-tailored and also comes with new every single day. However, one major plus point is that it is not left to the user to as to how to use it. It is led by certified personal trainer, and it will automatically change the resistance during the exercise and training or workout, whatever you want to call it, so the user doesn’t have to. This is definitely a bonus point in my opinion.

Let’s take a look into a few technical features and specifications of the equipment in short

10” NordicTrack Portal 10i tablet included free for rich entertainment and access to infinite workout programs

Included iFit Bluetooth Chest Strap to easily monitor your heart rate and increase or decrease your workout intensity accordingly for even better results

The equipment is powered by MediaTek chipset which ensures the best of performance at all times.

iFit Coach Plus compatible to bring you workouts tailored to your personal nutrition, sleep, exercise, and daily activity levels

Easy-to-read watts meter tracks how much power you’re exerting so that you can track your workload in live time

High-powered workouts with less recovery thanks to SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology

This piece of equipment is definitely a piece of innovation in itself. It offers us both low-strength training as well as cardio exercises. Since not all of us are into both and many of us are into both. The usage depends on convenience and need. Beyond the other features and technical specifications of the equipment, the design and the look of the same is also intriguing and impressive to be honest. It comes with a sleek design, and of course as mentioned above, the magnetic resistance technology makes the Fusion CST a solid addition to any home with people wanting to get on with their at-home workouts.

The major pull factor of this equipment is the fact that it offers both kinds of exercise in one, which having the consumers spend large amount of money of having to buy two different equipment for different kinds of workouts. It is equipped to be a good equipment for experienced people as well as beginners therefore, not just focusing on one category of people but it is highly inclusive and is designed keeping in minds the needs of both kind of people.