A coffee lover, are you?

If you’re a true lover of coffee you’ll usually fall into two different camps. You’ll either stick with your favourite, never swaying, staying completely faithful to your tall, milky latte or perhaps your double shot extra-bitter espresso.

Or, you’ll simply adore all-things coffee and be open to trying new flavors, no matter how wild or wacky. Over the many centuries, there have been a multitude of different drink flavors and coffee has been used in cooking too and even for medicinal purposes. A few of them are;

Maple Bacon Coffee

If you like bacon, you’ll have to try this lightly roasted coffee drink! Especially geared toward the morning coffee drinker, this roast comes from Boca Java and has strong piggy bacon overtones.

Weasel Puke Coffee

This one is definitely not for the faint-hearted and if you feel a little queasy hearing the title, skip this especially if you’re about to eat. These coffee beans have been digested by weasels who seem to leave a residue in their mouths. The remaining residue is removed from the mouth, cleaned, roasted and bagged ready for you to enjoy.

Jack Daniels Coffee

Love your alcohol hit? Get it instantly added with Jack Daniels coffee, this whisky flavored coffee is perfect if JD is your favorite tipple. Jack Daniels Coffee and it actually contains no alcohol so you can get straight in your car safe in the knowledge that you aren’t over the limit.

Marley Coffee

This brand of coffee comes from Bob Marley’s son Rohan who has a collection of coffee flavors sourced from Ethiopia, Central America and Africa that feature the names of his dad’s songs. Choose from Lively Up, One Love or Buffalo Soldier. Best of all, have all three in your cupboard and put on your favourite Bob Marley tunes while you savour the flavor (and sounds) of Marley coffee.