The Poco M series has earned a reputation in a short time for delivering some of the best budget phones on the market. Sure, these phones are often rebranded versions of Redmi devices, but you still tend to get good value for money.

  • Poco M4 Pro (4GB/64GB) EU: €229 (~$263)

Flirt with your boyfriend or husband to see if they are committed

“I will flirt or hit on your boyfriend, husband, (or girlfriend) to see if they are committed and faithful. If you suspect something, find out the truth. This way you don’t have to spend heaps hiring a PI or snooping around.”

Write messages on lips and take photos

“I am a lip model with very desirable lips…

With its first-ever SmartTV, Realme hasn’t tried to pull off any fancy stunt and has kept things simple — and that’s good. The Realme 43-inch Smart TV is a reasonably slim tv with narrow bezels. The TV measures 8 cm from sides and weighs about 6.7kgs (excluding stand). …

There’s a company that turns dead bodies into an ocean reef.

For those who romanticize a burial at sea, the company Eternal Reefs offers an innovative solution. It mixes the cremated remains of a person with concrete to create a “pearl” onto which loved ones can etch personal messages, handprints or (environmentally friendly) mementos. …

The new Acer Chromebook 514 (CB514-H/T) is a 14 inch fanless Chrome OS laptop that measures 0.66 inches thick, weighs less than 2.9 pounds, and features an energy-efficient MediaTek Kompanio 828 processor that Acer says should easily provide all-day battery life.

It’s expected to be available in North America starting…

Maple Bacon Coffee

If you like bacon, you’ll have to try this lightly roasted coffee drink! Especially geared toward the morning coffee drinker (for those who like their eggs and bacon), this roast comes from Boca Java and has strong piggy bacon overtones. Probably best enjoyed with your fried eggs, beans and toast

Weasel Puke Coffee

Lucas Brown

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